Friday, June 17, 2011

Winchester, ID to Lowell, ID -- 75 miles

The ride along the river is just beautiful

 I could look at this scenery for ever
You know you are not in the northeast when there are no guard rails along the road; especially one that is right next to a fast flowing extremely cold river!

While the other half of the group took a rest day in Lowell, the Winchester group rode along the riverside and arrived in Lowell, Idaho on June 16, 2011. The weather was chilly up at the Winchester Lake Lodge and Minnie Motel in Winchester, Idaho (population 308). The temperature when the riders left was 48 degrees! Being the highest point of Idaho (so I have been told) it is the first to get snow and the last to thaw to quote a local. It was a very pretty ride leaving Winchester and heading down, down, down. All told it was a nice ride which passed through several small, small communities the likes of Craigmont, Ferdinand, and Greencreek before hitting the big town of Kamiah where many riders took a break for lunch.
Then it was on to Kooskia, Syringa before finally arriving at the Three Rivers Resort, in Lowell, Idaho. The resort is aptly named as the Clearwater, Selway and Lochsa Rivers converge here and it is very beautiful. Although it is cold and rainy, nature's beauty is quite evident. Hopefully tomorrow's weather will be a little more conducive to riding.
The group, which had been split for the last two nights is now back together and this evening's map meeting was a reunion of sorts. The meeting was held in the Rumpus Room with the wood fire going. Can't believe I am sitting in front of a wood burning stove in the middle of  'summer.' It was nice to have everyone together and even nicer to hear a story about 'Bennie' from Bill K. Bill K tells us that there will be a story about 'Wanda Sue' at tomorrow's map meeting.
Most of us had dinner at the resort dining room which overlooks the river. The river is very high and running very fast. Those that were supposed to raft on their rest day were cancelled due to the high risk level on the river. According to people at the resort, there have already been three deaths on the river this year due to drownings.

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