Saturday, June 18, 2011

Powell, ID to Missoula, MT - 57 miles [via Lolo Pass]

The riders left the Lochsa Lodge this morning under clear skies and cool temperatures...all worked up quite a sweat climbing up Lolo Pass, elevation 5200+ feet.
The Lolo Summit Welcome Center offered free hot chocolate and coffee for the riders and a place to cool down before attempting the 25 mile decent into Missoula, Montana.

The first thing I saw when I walked into the Visitor Center was:
This guy, a former militia leader is on the run. He has eluded  police in Montana. He is considered to be very dangerous. The Missoula County undersheriff says dogs lost David Burgert's scent.
He's accused of shooting at sheriff's deputies during a chase Sunday, June 12, 2011. No one was hurt in the shooting; but authorities say Burgert knew what he was doing.
The time zone changed as we entered Montana, and the downhill was very exciting. The view was gorgeous and on my way down, there was a group of deer in the middle of the road and they really didn't want to get out of the road so I could get by, but eventually they did...reluctantly I might add.

I can't figure out what is so interesting on the road to these deer that they would wait until the last possible moment to move out of the way.

One of the deer moved to the side of the road and just looked at me with 'The Look' that said:  "Lady, really, you made me move so you can get by?"

I stopped at Fort Fizzle Historical Site, located just a couple of miles outside of Lolo, Montana. It was very interesting.

The weather started acting up and some of the riders got a little wet, some got a lot wet and some even got hailed on, but all made it to Missoula without incident. Tomorrow is a rest day.

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