Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ashland, MT to Broadus, MT - 44 miles

Today was a rest day for many of the riders...After yesterday's 80 mile marathon in the heat, most riders opted for staying in Broadus and not being shuttled back to Ashland, MT to do the 44 miles that they were shuttled yesterday...To quote Frank H: "I saw it from the window of the car, I don't need to see it on my bicycle!" But yet there were 8 hearty souls shuttled back to Ashland, MT at 6 am this morning!
While they rode, I took the opportunity to roam around Broadus, MT and take in the sights.
Broadus, MT is on the Warrior Trail, a stretch of Highway 212 that runs from Crow Agency, Montana to Belle Fourche, South Dakota, which is the shortest distance between Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument and Mount Rushmore.


I found out why the streets of downtown Broadus are extremely wide. According to the deed, the streets have to be large enough to allow a team of  horses and a coach to turn around.

Also, the founder of the town for whom it is named spelled his name with 2 d's [BROADDUS] but as a result of an administrative error it was recorded with on 1 d. [BROADUS].

Between 1865 and 1877, as American Indian Tribes desperately tried to retain their lands and culture, and the soldiers of the U.S. Army strove to enforce an edict from Washington, D.C., many battles of great historical significance marked this corridor.
We are staying in the Broadus Motel, which is located in the heart of the town and is on the Warrior Trail.

Outside of the hotel is a painted horse that has a beautiful scence painted on its body.
The first thing on the agenda today was getting laundry done, so Marnie R and I walked over to the campground about 5 blocks away to do laundry only to find out later that the town laundramat was just catty corner to the motel. Ooops... it was an adventure!
We even directed Josie and Keith to our laundromat in the campground!
After the laundry adventure I took a ride on tomorrow's route and went over the Powder River and took some photos.
The river is still swollen, but not as bad as I am told it was.
The famous Powder River..."Mile Wide, Inch Deep, Too Thin to Plow, and Too Thick to Drink"

The Cry of World War I... 'Powder River Let'er Buck'

At the museum I visited Mac's Museum which is a one-man collection of over 22,000 seashells [largest west of the Mississippi], 1723 arrowheads from nearly every state, 2230 mineral specimens, artifacts, and much more. I walked through the pioneer cabin which was fashioned after the L.A. Huffman photograph "Interior on the Powder River." I sat at a desk in the Butte Creek School which was brought to the museum from its original setting 30 miles away. I walked through the Auto Barn that had a sheep wagon as well as antique cars, horse drawn buggies, wagons etc. and I walked into the Jail House built in 1919 by the Milwaukee Railroad boiler makers. I wandered through "The Town" diarama that had a printing press, barber shop, drug store, hotel, grocery, bank and dry goods store. And finally I saw lots of beautiful saddles and rodeo memorabilia, barbed wire and spurs.
The newest addition to the museum is a wonderful collection of local history and styles from the historical friends and neighbors told through vintage clothing.
The water is still very muddy!
And there is still a lot of debris in the water.
I also stopped at several informational signs which told me a lot about the area I was riding and we are passing through on our adventure.
Informational Sign - Cole Porter's Hit Song "Don't Fence Me In"
Informational Sign - Dinosaur Remains
Informational Sign - Lewis & Clark
Informational Sign - Broadus, Montana
A large stone with a steer's head carved in it....
Once again, the landscape and the scenery is stunning!
The road to Hewlett, Wyoming...our destination for tomorrow!
The never ending road!
The scenery....just takes my breath away!
I went to the Powder River Historical Museum on the town square in downtown, Broadus, Montana at the 'crossroads' of Highway 59 and Highway 212.
The World Famous Copper Moon Milkshakes now have their own billboard!
After a wonderful day almost all of the group went to dinner at "The Judge's Chambers Restaurant" and we had a wonderful meal. I had the lamb chop special which was heavenly. I felt like I was back in my Mom's house. After dinner was over, the Owner/Chef came out and explained that the credit card machine was on the fritz and I got concerned...I had a few dollars cash but I didn't think I had enough for this meal...then I got the check...It was only $17.00 ... I was expecting NYC prices ...$40.00 +.  What a shock to realize that you can eat wonderful food and not pay through the nose!
 As we were leaving the restaurant we were treated to a a double full rainbow so big that I had to take photos in sections to get it all!
 Left Side
 Right Side
 Left Side
 Right side
And just so that you know my wacky sense of humor is still here...
Tomorrow we are off to Hewlett, Wyoming!

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