Monday, June 13, 2011

Walla Walla, WA to Dayton, WA -- 36 miles

It was a short day of riding and the weather was beautiful. Most riders, hung out in Walla Walla, WA most of the morning checking out the sites before hitting the road to Historic Dayton, WA.
Marnie R, Rich G, Bill K, Dan K, and I rode over to the Fort Walla Walla Museum, to see what Walla Walla Fort Days was all about. The museum was interesting. It is all new since the X-C trip in 2008. It now costs $7 to get in, but there are discounts, AARP, AAA, etc. and I only had to pay $6.
I took a few photos and walked around the exhibits and then I rode back to the hotel to move the support vehicle to Historic Dayton, WA.
Dan K and Bill K listen to a Blacksmith explain his craft.
There were several original handstiched quilts on display that were just beautiful.
Rich G looks into one of the pioneer cabins.
The Reenacters, including some soldiers and ladies of the era pose for a photgraph, prior to the start of the reenactment of the defense of Fort Walla Walla.
The jail cells were serious business in 1886 and the prisoners had no [or very few] rights. Could you imagine having our inmates of today being forced to do something like this?
I suspect that it could get a little tight in these quarters...better hope you get along with your roommate! Can you find the toilet?
Joan D tries to get inside the bars...most people try to get out!
This stagecoach is amazing considering the length of travel one did across the vast barren lands of middle America...I can't even fathom a/c; no radio; no GPS; no OnStar....
I just think it is so amazing that a tree could live that long...
On the way back to the hotel from Fort Walla Walla Days, Marnie R and I found soda machines that dispensed Coca Cola Zero and Diet Coke for 25 cents a can and 50 cents a 20 oz was in the parking lot of the Coca Cola Distributorship in Walla Walla, and surprise, surprise it even worked and took dollar bills. The amazing thing was that we only had 2 dollars between the both of was out of Diet Coke, but Marnie was able to get several cans of Coke Zero and we had them stashed in our jersey pockets and bungied to our bike racks... you can't let a deal like that pass you by....
After a wonderful morning checking out Walla Walla, WA, I went back to the hotel and got the support vehicle and drove it over to Dayton, WA. Once there I got on my bicycle and took off on a wonderful ride around the town and countryside. I went to a Heritage Site that was very interesting and pedaled past pastures and farm land for as far as the eye could see.
These silouettes guided me to the Heritage site several miles outside of town
Just when I was wondering if I missed a turn, another guide would appear and point me in the right direction. 
 Tbe silouettes depict the Lewis and Clark encampment
This is another view of the encampment depicted by the sillouettes.

The historic Dayton Train Depot.
This bronze statue is located at the historic Dayton, WA Train Depot...notice that the dog is sitting on several steamer trunks...
Placque detailing the move of the train depot from across the Touchet River in 1889.
Bronze statue of Sacajawea depicting her arduous journey.
Placque explaining the Sacajawea statue.

Tomorrow it is onto Lewiston, Idaho.

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