Friday, June 24, 2011

Bozeman, MT to Big Timber, MT -- 60 miles

Today's ride has us leaving Bozeman, MT and heading up to Bozeman Pass, Elevation 5,760 a wee bit lower than the Continential Divide of the other day. From there we go downhill through the Town of Livingston and on into Big Timber.

Before I left Bozeman, I rode around and tried to find the Veteran's Memorial. 8 miles later, I still didn't find it, but I did manage to ride through a beautifully maintained cemetery and a couple of very nice neighborhoods. After giving up my search for the memorial I rode back to the Museum of the Rockies. That place is quite interesting.

After that I stopped at a Heritage Site along the route and it was very interesting. It was five informational signs placed around the ribs of a teepee. It was Mission Ranch and the signs explained how little things have changes since the 1800's.

After reading all the signs and taking pictures since I can't remember this stuff longer than about a minute, I spent probably the next 15 or 20 minutes just standing looking at the mountains all around me. They are absolutely gorgeous. OMG...the scenery...I have run out of words.
Ditto !!!

I got a photo of Vicki L, Paul G, and Marnie R as they headed up on I-90 on their way to Big Timber, MT. 

Marnie R is just having a blast riding along the beautiful countryside!

At the end of a 60 mile day many of the riders headed for the Drug Store Soda Fountain for an authenic malted...I think we overwelmed the soda counter, but I must say that the malted (double chocolate) was excellent! There was a little mix up about the price, "Malted Friday" [this is chocolate ice crean with marshmellow topping and malted powder on top] was $2.50 and a "Malted" was 4.00....The girl working the counter [she really worked in the pharmacy, but was helping out at the soda counter, got confused... it was Friday and we were ordering malteds] we all got our malteds for $2.50!!
Paul G, Marnie R, and Vicki L enjoy their 1/2 price malteds!
 Jeff M, Marnie R, Vicki L, Sue M, and Frank H pose for the camera to commemorate their enjoyment of their malteds!
The scene of the 'Malted' crime!

After consuming enormous malteds, we had our 'Map Meeting/Happy Hour' in the breakfast room of the River Valley Inn and then proceeded to walk back downtown, across the street from the scene of the earlier crime and consume a wonderful meal at The Grand B & B Dining Room.

Tomorrow we have a fairly short day, 42 miles to Columbus, MT.

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