Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rest Day in Missoula, Montana -- 0 miles

I spent the Rest Day in Missoula, Montana just wandering around downtown and walking through a couple of parks.
 This park was just behind our hotel and it was well-kept and pretty. Plenty of walking paths that meander along the river.
The river level has lessened a little, but it is still high and running fast. 
The next park was Caras park and it is located under the S. Higgins Street Bridge. The site for many events, it has a fair share of local artwork adorning it. This trout appear to be navigating through the rocks to make it upstream. 

This memorial is to a young extreme kayaker. It is located at the deck where I stood watching several river surfers practice their craft in the swollen river waters. 

Of course, I can't resist informational signs and Missoula has plenty of them.

Tomorrow morning we are heading en masse to Adventure Cycling Headquarters which is located just a couple of blocks from our hotel and then we are travelling to Lincoln, Montana.

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