Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Longview, WA to Portland, OR -- 57 miles

Just a short note tonight, since I took no pictures and did no riding...lots of errands had to be taken care of today. What errands you ask would take you away from riding? Well, here is what had to be done today instead of riding:
     a) get a new piece of luggage...the bag I was using was way, way to big, and heavy and bulking and I thought I had burst my hernia this morning trying to get it inside the vehicle.
     b) empty the old luggage into the new luggage in the middle of the parking lot and shove into the new piece of luggage so I could drop off the old luggage at Fed Ex for shipment home...I don't want to carry any extra weight if I don't have to...loading the luggage into the vehicle is a bear!
     c) find Fed Ex and wrap the old luggage into a shipping box and send home. I have decided that this piece of luggage will be great for storing seldom used items such as a Christmas Tree and all of the associated lights and ornaments. It will most likely have enough room for the train set and the lighted Victorian Village and the manger scene.
     d) go to COSTCO and pick up more supplies for the Map Meeting/Happy Hour...should have gone first thing in the morning...the place was packed, and most customers decided to walk two and three abreast with their oversized COSTCO shopping carts.
     e) go to the hotel and make room in the trailer so that I could fit the new rider's bike and bag inside, since the SUV is packed to the gills and I would be barely able to fit a passenger.
     f) unload 24 oversized and overweight bags from the trailer on to luggage carts and man-handle into the meeting room on the second floor of the hotel. Hotel staff took pity on me and gave me their maintenance man for assistance. He was 5'2" and barely weighed 100 pounds. He tried to lift one of the bags and almost ripped out his shoulder.
     g) on the way to the airport, one of the coolers in the back of the trailer fell over and the ice, melted ice and soda covered the entire floor of the trailer.
      h) go to the airport and pick up our new rider. Plane was delayed, but Jerry G. finally arrived and I was able to fit him, his bag and his bike safely into the vehicle.
      i) wipe up all of the water and ice in the trailer and dry out all of the other stuff that is in the trailer.
      j) finally go up to my room to relax a few minutes before the Map Meeting/Happy Hour but instead manage to trip over my bicycle and crack my shin on the pedal...boy, did that smart...manage to draw blood...what else is new.
      k) attended Map Meeting/Happy Hour without any major catastrophies.
      l) went accross the street for dinner and had Chinese...the potstickers were delicious...
      m) finally made it back to my room so that I can finally call it a day.
I am really looking forward to tomorrow so the only thing I will have to worry about is riding!

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