Friday, July 25, 2014

7/23/2014 - Lebanon, VA to Blacksburg, VA

  55 miles

The riders took off under overcast skies a little later than usual since today was a relatively short day.

The rains came after almost all the riders were at the hotel.

No pictures today as I have a splitting headache and all I want to do is get in my room and sleep this thing off.

We are staying at the Comfort Inn, Blacksburg, VA.

Tomorrow we are off to Natural Bridge, VA.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7/22/2014 - Whitesburg, KY to Lebannon, VA

67 miles

Once again the riders left a little later due to fog. But all made it off safely.

Today Dan, the rider that got bit by the dog, is taking it easy. He has to get another Rabbies shot tomorrow.

Here are some photos from yesterday...

Many of the roads have been cut right into the mountains....the drop offs are steep.

Apropos ???

Would you hire these guys? 

And now some pics from today...

Clay does a selfie at the state line. We are in the 'Red Zone'.

'Nuff said....

We are staying at the Super 8, Lebannon, VA

Tomorrow we are off to Wytheville, VA.

Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/2014 - Hazard, KY to Whitesburg, KY

63 miles

Day started very foggy. Riders left very late (for them)...8:30 a.m.

Several riders (7) decided to deviate from the established route....3 took a very busy and dangerous road ... To cut out 30 miles and didn't tell anyone that they were doing so. 

Another 4 took a short cut to lessen the days mileage by 10 miles. Not quite as bad, since the road that they took was not heavily travelled, but, still...

I don't know why we do all this work and set up a route and get it approved by BAC only to have riders decide that they know is a safety issue. Thank goodness no one got hurt. 

This all is reminiscent of the attempted coup from 2011. I don't need this. Thank goodness only 8 more days.....

Hewes had a cable snap early in the day but he and Susan are fine.

We are staying in the Whitesburg Motel, Whitesburg, KY.

Tomorrow we enter our last state Virginia!

We are headed to Lebannon, VA in the morning.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/11/2014 - Chester, IL to Carbondale, IL

53 miles

The ride today was short, only 50 miles and the riders were in Carbondale, IL very early. Most went to the 3 bike shops and spent lots of money.

The scenery along the route was very nice. We are near the Mississippi River, so everything looks lush.

Here is a short video of the day.....

Build it and they will come....

We are staying at  the Best Western, Carbondale, IL.

Tomorrow is a rest day, YEAH!

7/20/2014 - Hazard, KY - REST DAY

0 miles

No pics day...laundry, nap, chill....

Took Dan to Pikevulle, KY Medical Center for Rabbies shot. He got bit by a dog yesterday and decided to get the shot late in the afternoon. Got back to hotel about 9:15 pm.

Went to bed.

Tomorrow we are off to Whitesburg, KY.

7/19/2014 - Berea, KY to Hazard, KY

92 miles

A wet day and a shuttle day to boot. Very long and twisty turny...extended 'happy hour' to make sure all riders got some refreshments.

Oldest mayor and WWII vet with Rich in Hazard, KY

Staying at the Hampton Inn, Hzard, KY. 

Tomorrow is a rest day.

7/18/2014 - Bardstown, KY to Berea, KY

74 or 92 miles

It started out a wee bit chilly and never warmed up. There was cloud cover and it just kept trying to rain. The rain won early in the day and it just continued all day. 

Several riders waited for the truck and took a push forward about 45 miles because they didn't want to ride the whole daily distance. 

We had a major mechanically...Keith broke his integrated deraileur hanger, so he needed to get picked up and taken to a bike shop in Danville, KY. The shop performed a miracle and were able to fix his bike.

Everybody got wet but some more than others. 

We are at the Fairfield Inn & Suites, Berea, KY

We are headed to Hazard, KY in the morning.

7/17/2014 - Cave City, KY to Bardstown, KY

75 miles

These guys ran alongside for almost a half a mile before heading into the woods.

Another National Historic Site seen! It was very interesting. hero, upon arrival in Bardstown, KY.

We are staying at the Bardstown Parkview Motel. Very nice.

Had a wonderful lunch and dinner at the Kurtz Restaurant right next door to the motel.

A very pretty motel.

We are off to Berea, KY in the morning,

7/16/2014 - Leitchfield, KY to Cave City, KY

45 miles

I don't know what happened to my Mammouth Cave National Park photos, but we were there. 

See the wild turkeys in the tall grass?

This awesome deer just stood there and let me talk to her for a long time before she got bored and walked away.

A little bit of Americana...we stayed in one of the 2 remaining WigWam Villages in Cave City, KY. The other one is in California on Route 66.

We are off to Bardstown, KY in the morning.