Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/13/2014 - Carbondale, IL to Elizabethtown, IL

73 miles

Today is a long day, so the riders were out at the crack of dawn...

We had a bit of excitement this morning. It seems one of the rider's toast got stuck in the toaster and it set off the smoke alarm which necessitated the arrival of the Fire Department...enough said.

The riders are staying at the 2 B & Bs in Elizabethtown, IL. They are very nice.  We had a fish fry prepared by Marnie's friends, Nancy and Al, Janet and Louise. It was absolutely delicious. Even Ida, Marnie's 1/2 Corgie 1/2 Jack Russel dog attended making many new friends along the way.

I stayed at Nancy and Al's house as rooms at the B&Bs were in short supply. Had a great time and got to play with all of the dogs....YEAH! Al made breakfast for us before we left...again fabulous!

Reservation sign at the Fish Fry

Hewes and Bill modeling their Superman capes!

Crockett, the puppy poses for a photo.

We are off to Owensboro, KY in the morning.

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