Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/2014 - Hazard, KY to Whitesburg, KY

63 miles

Day started very foggy. Riders left very late (for them)...8:30 a.m.

Several riders (7) decided to deviate from the established route....3 took a very busy and dangerous road ... To cut out 30 miles and didn't tell anyone that they were doing so. 

Another 4 took a short cut to lessen the days mileage by 10 miles. Not quite as bad, since the road that they took was not heavily travelled, but, still...

I don't know why we do all this work and set up a route and get it approved by BAC only to have riders decide that they know is a safety issue. Thank goodness no one got hurt. 

This all is reminiscent of the attempted coup from 2011. I don't need this. Thank goodness only 8 more days.....

Hewes had a cable snap early in the day but he and Susan are fine.

We are staying in the Whitesburg Motel, Whitesburg, KY.

Tomorrow we enter our last state Virginia!

We are headed to Lebannon, VA in the morning.

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