Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015 Underground Railroad and Erie Canal Ride


Medina, NY to Rochester, NY 

46 miles 

An interesting statue at the entrance to the restaurant where we had our final breakfast on the road

Riding along the Erie Canal

A giant Apple along the Erie Canal

Medina Sandstone

Very pretty

Interesting facts along the canal

Marnie just pedaling along

Thank goodness it didn't rain because sections of the trail would have been quite muddy and slippery

Another bike shop to visit

Many miles pedaled along the canal

A view of the canal from the restaurant where we had lunch

We finally got to see one of the many lift bridges in action

We met Cam and Don Secrist, also Bicycle Adventure Club members, on the Erie Canal trail.  Don and Cam had ridden the 2010 Florida Ride with me and also the Flower in The Hills Ride with Marnie and Miriam, it is a very small world.

Arrival at the Holiday Inn Express in Rochester, NY....our final stop on our adventure. 

We made it!

Miriam flew out of Rochester and Mike met us at the hotel and drove Marnie and I back to Indianapolis. 

Once I picked up my truck it was an all day drive back to sunny St. Augustine, FL.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015 Underground Railroad and Erie Canal Ride


45 miles and 575 feet of climbing

This morning this is what I saw ... Now that is what I call a tomato truck!

Another selfie on the Canadian side of the falls.

Checking email at the falls

Little Italy in Niagara Falls, NY.

We are finally riding along the Erie Canal.

Lockport, NY - Erie Canal

The Erie Canal Museum, Lockport, NY

Marnie and I riding along the Erie Canal.

We stopped for lunch in Lockport, NY at a little dinner that was recommended by several locals.

Yep, another 'Beef on Wick' ... Delicious!

Marnie enjoying her Beef on Wick!

After lunch we rode the rest of the day along the Erie Canal. It was a very pleasant ride. We stopped at Pony's in Middleport, NY for a very nice break before we rode the last 5 miles into Medina, NY.

We ended today in the town of Medina, NY and are staying at Dollinger's Motel. 

Tomorrow we are off to Rochester, NY and the end of our trip.

2015 Underground Railroad and Erie Canal Ride


Buffalo, NY to Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

35 miles with 1050 feet of climbing

Sim a was all smiles and chirps when we left Buffalo, NY this morning.

Before leaving town we stopped at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site. Tour was very interesting.

Then it was time for lunch. We ate at Gabriel's Gate where I finally got a "Beef on Wick" sandwich! Just as good as they were 40 years ago when I was attending Canisius College! I must say the Buffalo has changed a lot since the early 70s; for the better - definitely a renaissance city. 

After lunch we finally started pedalling .... We didn't really get far before we hit a roadblock ... After a little recalculating we were back on our way.

Canada is getting close...but this is not the bridge we are going to ride over, although Miriam did manage to get through immigration before she understood that we weren't going that way...

Interesting history along the way.

While we were riding the trail we stopped at this bike shop to get some air in our tires...I was surprised that my little pump that I carry on the bike did so well. I was only down a wee bit of pressure in the back tire...the one that had a flat a couple of days ago.

As we were riding the trail in the middle of nowhere (actually North Tonawanda, NY) we found this memorial to the U.S. Marines And The SeeBees.

Finally we arrived o pen the American side of Niagara Falls!

Selfie time @ Niagara Falls, NY

After checking out the American side of the falls, we made our way over the a Rainbow Bridge into Ontario, Canada. On the way to our hotel, we passed this tightrope walker...OK it is fake but cool none the less.

We are staying at the Radisson, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. It is a very nice hotel. We walked to My Cousin Vinny's for dinner were I had a marvelous Veal Parmesan.

Tomorrow we head back to New York.

Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Underground Railroad and Erie Canal Ride


Dunkirk, NY to Buffalo, NY

This morning I was a wee bit under the weather, so I got a little snarky when things continued on a downward trend. It was chilly when I left about 9 am and the headwind from yesterday was still blowing....

I rode by myself and had a very leisurely day, stopping as I pleased, checking out things as I pedaled along against the I know what the song means! lol 🚴 😉

We have been riding through wine country and through a bunch of vineyards and locals had told me that Welch's was here as well. This is the only mention of Welch's that I have seen.

Roadside Americana on NY 5 outside of Dunkirk, NY

We have officially entered the Seneca Nation / Indian Territory

Stopped for lunch here and had a wonderful roast beef sandwich that was so big I could only eat half. Guess what I am having for dinner?

NY 5 just outside of Buffalo, NY

This fella lives at the hotel, the Best Western on the Avenue, 510 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY. When I arrived he was just chirping and having a grand old time.

Stopped down at the Federal Building to see if anyone I know is still assigned there. No luck. All my acquaintances have pulled the plug and retired. Finally decided to head to the hotel.

45 miles and 2050 feet of climbing.

Tomorrow we are off to Niagra Falls, Ontario.