Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 Underground Railroad & Erie Canal Ride


Delaware, OH to Perryville, OH - 60 miles

I departed very early this morning as it was a long day with climbing. It was 45 degrees when I left....brrrr!!! Definitely not in Florida any more.

I road by myself again as my pace is slower than Marnie & Miriam. I saw them at the 20 mile mark, had lunch with them at the 30 mile mark and talked to them at the 40 mile mark. Then I didn't see them again until I got to the hotel...seems they missed a turn on the cue sheets and their Gamins and did some bonus miles. Thank goodness I paid attention as today was not the day to add miles.

There was climbing as well....I did find out that if you go slower than 2.5 mph you fall down. The climbing in the last 10 miles was brutal for me, but I made it. My legs, feet, and butt hurt! Took some aspirin since I ge to do it all over again tomorrow...

Tomorrow we are off to Wellington, OH about 59 mile northeast of here with about 2400 feet of climbing.

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