Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 Underground Railroad and Erie Canal Ride


Austinburg, OH to Erie, PA

We left the Holiday Inn Express about 8:15 am and got back on the Western Reserve Greenway Trail and headed northeast toward Lake Erie.

Several breaks and photo ops were taken as we rode beside Lake Erie.

A relatively flat day, we made great time and before we knew it we were in Conneaut, OH where we stopped for an early lunch at the State Street Diner. Food was ok but the waitress was unexceptional.
We have ridden more than 400 miles with a little more than 18,000 feet of climbing so far.

Both Manie and Miriam look like they have had their fill at the diner as they review the rest of the day's route.

After lunch we continued pedaling to the Pennsylvania Line. Photo op taken.

As we made our way to Erie, PA my dérailleur broke! Of course I was in the big chain ring with a rather big hill looming just ahead. I manually got the chain into the middle ring (just got to love grease on the hands and under the fingernails) and I just had to stand up and power pedal my way up the hill! I found a bike shop conveniently located near our hotel who thought they should be able to fix my bike. 

So off we went enroute to the bike shop, but before getting there we stopped at an Apple Cider Mill where we literally inhaled a half a gallon of absolutely delicious cider. Our thirst quenched we finally made it to the bike shop, Competitve Gear, where my bike was fixed! yeah! 

Then it was off to the Belair Clarion Hotel. Once settled in the hotel, we had a meeting of the minds and decided instead of spending 2 days in the tourist trap of Niagra Falls, NY, we would spend a second night here and ride out to Presque Isle State Park tomorrow and enjoy a quasi rest day. We adjusted our reservations so everything is set. We will stay in Erie, PA tomorrow.

We had dinner Joe Root Grill right next to the hotel where I had an amazing Prime Rib dinner!

Then it was back to the hotel to call it a night.

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