Friday, September 11, 2015

2015 Underground Railroad and Erie Canal Ride


We left the Creekwood Motel in Waynesville, OH around 7:30 am and pedaled just a short distance to the Village Family Restaurant for a wonderful breakfast before hitting the Little Miami Trail heading northeast. 

A great breakfast to get us on our way!

Our first stop was at the Xenia Station just about 12 miles down the trail. 

Then it was off to Cedarville Trailhead where we stopped for a wonderful lunch at Beans & Cream just 2 short blocks off the trail. 

Good food always make the ride more enjoyable!

After a nice rest it was back on the trail to London, OH. The ride on the trail was wonderful, however when we had to leave the trail to get to the town of London and our hotel for the evening, it was a little stressful as we had to ride on a rather busy road with a lot of trucks...but we made it safe and sound to the Motel 6, London, OH...a total of 52 miles.

Miriam got a shot of Marnie and I pedaling down the trail!

I was thrilled to finally get to the hotel as both of my feet were numb and hurt like the dickens...tomorrow I am definitely not wearing my bike cleats! But I am not near as exhausted as I was yesterday, so all is good with the world.

Diet Coke's are hard to come by in many of these small Pepsi towns, but Marnie and I are prevailing.

After showers and laundry the rain came, so we ordered pizza delivery from Donato's and then called it a night.

Tomorrow we are off to Delaware, OH.

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