Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Underground Railroad and Erie Canal Ride


Dunkirk, NY to Buffalo, NY

This morning I was a wee bit under the weather, so I got a little snarky when things continued on a downward trend. It was chilly when I left about 9 am and the headwind from yesterday was still blowing....

I rode by myself and had a very leisurely day, stopping as I pleased, checking out things as I pedaled along against the I know what the song means! lol 🚴 😉

We have been riding through wine country and through a bunch of vineyards and locals had told me that Welch's was here as well. This is the only mention of Welch's that I have seen.

Roadside Americana on NY 5 outside of Dunkirk, NY

We have officially entered the Seneca Nation / Indian Territory

Stopped for lunch here and had a wonderful roast beef sandwich that was so big I could only eat half. Guess what I am having for dinner?

NY 5 just outside of Buffalo, NY

This fella lives at the hotel, the Best Western on the Avenue, 510 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY. When I arrived he was just chirping and having a grand old time.

Stopped down at the Federal Building to see if anyone I know is still assigned there. No luck. All my acquaintances have pulled the plug and retired. Finally decided to head to the hotel.

45 miles and 2050 feet of climbing.

Tomorrow we are off to Niagra Falls, Ontario.

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