Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Group Is All Together...

Even though today was not a riding went by fast and the the rest of the group had arrived by early afternoon. The rest of the day was consumed with putting bicycles together and conducting test rides to make sure all was working properly.

During a short ride around Astoria I stopped at the Doughboy Monument, which was not far from the hotel. Although the display is small it was very interesting and nice to see.

 The Doughboy Monument's statue is quite detailed. 

 After test rides and assembly were done, all group participants attended the introductory group meeting...route rap...happy hour; but before that meeting to start there were preparations that needed to be done... Bill K joined in the preparations dicing cheese cubes for inclusion on the noshie trays.... 

 One of the trays of noshies just prior to serving...

 After the map meeting/happy hour all participants walked over to the El Tapatio Restaurant for dinner.

 The group prepares to order their dinner.

 The stragglers from dinner pose in front of the restaurant for a photo before returning to the hotel.

As the group enjoyed their dinner in the restaurant; another meeting was taking place next door...

Tomorrow we start our trek across the United States of America!

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