Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Billings, MT to Hardin, MT -- 53 miles

Yesterday, Monday June 27, 2011 was a rest day for the group, so not much went on other than the typical rest day stuff...laundry, clean the bicycles, chill out...I went to a couple of bike stores and just pretty much bummed around, not accomplishing much, but he ride today went quick;  so I suspect that the two home cooked meals we were treated to in Billings, MT played a large part in that.

The first meal on Sunday night (6/26/11) courtesy of Brian and Shelly Cornell, was a wonderful BBQ in his back yard.  We had a wonderful time enjoying the weather and the company and eating chicken and burgers and dogs! Then it was off to the Symphony in the Park...It was a wonderful evening!

Brian is still on the job, but he took time out of his busy schedule to host Rich G's bike tour, just like he did in 2008! Thanks and Kudos for an awesome meal and great time.

The second meal, on Monday night (6/27/11) courtesy of Hewes and Susan Agnew and Paul and Alice Gromlewitz, was another wonderful back yard affair with homemade Gespacho and Lasagna. Too much delicious food, wonderful company and another evening enjoying life on the deck! Who could ask for more.

Rich's wife, Mary arrived on Sunday and it is great having her here. She is a good luck charm! 2 days---2 home cooked meals! Mary should stay for the rest of the tour...we won't have to see another restaurant!

Didn't take many pictures since I was negligent again and the battery died, so I have to recharge it to download the last couple of photos that are on it. Then I will update the blog with the photos.

I stopped at the Hardin Depot, a historic train depot and just rode around town taking in the sights.

Tomorrow finds us riding a minimum of 80 miles and if some are so inclined, they can ride the additional 40 miles to the hotel in Broadus, MT. The hotel we were supposed to stay in in Ashland, MT, got bought out by the Monatana Department of Transportation for 18 months due to a large road project they are doing and the motel owner, had to go where the money was. So we are going to be shuttling people from Ashland, MT to Broadus, MT tomorrow and then the following morning we will shuttle them back so that they can start where they left off and not miss a single mile!

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