Friday, June 17, 2011

Lowell, ID to Powell, ID -- 66 miles

Marnie R prepares to hit the road after breakfast at the diner in Lowell, Idaho.

Today we are starting the uphill ride that will lead us to Lolo Pass and Montana tomorrow. Today's travel is on one road, Idaho Route 12, and there are very little services on this route. We are stopping at the Lochsa Lodge in Powell, Idaho. It is about 75 miles from 3 Rivers Resort in Lowell, Idaho.

The ride was beautiful. I think it was even prettier than when I rode it in 2008. The river isn't quite as high as it has been, so there were many rafters on the water today. I tested the water and I think ice is probably colder. Brrrrrrrrrrr! But the rafters I spoke to were having a blast and said with their wetsuits the water was OK!
Marnie and I lucked out today...we got cabin #8...the biggest and nicest one according to the gentleman who checked me in. It is nice. It has a vestibule, a sitting area, a bedroom and a huge bathroom with A tub! A huge step up from the cabin yesterday.
The Lodge has wireless, but the signal is too weak in the cabin, so I am in the dining room updating the blog and checking email. I will add photos just as soon as I can download them from my camera.
 This view of the river is awesome!
Looking at the river doesn't get old!

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