Friday, June 10, 2011

Biggs, OR to Umatilla, OR -- 86 miles

Today the riders took off from the Three Rivers Inn in Biggs, OR and immediately crossed the bridge into Washington State.
Three Rivers Inn sign, Biggs, Oregon
Looking back from Biggs, Oregon you can see Mount Hood in the distance 
We are on the Oregon Trail !
Bridge to Washington State looking from Biggs, Oregon
A closer view of the bridge to Washington State looking from Biggs, Oregon
Once you crossed the bridge into Washington State, the first seven miles were a bear of an uphill, but all managed to get up and over without any difficulty.
The road to Stonehenge is alway UP!
A view on the way to Stonehenge
Looking back on the climb to Stonehenge

I stopped at Stonehenge which was located at the top of the climb at the intersection of Washington State Routes 97 & 14. To actually get to Stonehenge you had to go down the side of the mountain that you just climbed up...In 2008, I made it to the top of the climb but I was not about to go down the hill to see some rocks so that I could climb back up the hill and then continue an additional 80 miles to reach Umatilla, OR. This year, I did ride down to to Stonehenge and it was well worth it. The view was spectacular and the wars memorial was very interesting.
I can see Stonehenge in the distance! 
Stonehenge up close 
Stonehenge information sign
Stonehenge informational sign 
Stonehenge Informational sign up close 
Stonehenge informational sign up close 2 
Wars Memorial

Just as an aside:
During my ride today I came across this water wheel which was just off the road a piece...I thought it was interesting, so I stopped to take a picture only then noticing that this water wheel was attached to a cabin...sort of looks like a cabin that was transported en toto back to the FBI Forensics Lab in Quantico, about having little or no carbon footprint and living off the grid...could be just a wee bit scary...

Working water wheel
A "cabin in the woods" ? Area duly marked 'no tresspassing' ....
Additionally I saw several rock outcroppings that were very interesting:
Do you see a begging dog or a man's face?
Is the man sleeping and is there a dog on his back?
Do you see anything weird in this?
What about this one?
I just thought it was interesting that west bound emigrants are depicted by an oxen yoke ???
And then we arrived in Umatilla, Oregon...

Tomorrow we are off to Walla Walla, Washington!

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