Monday, June 13, 2011

Dayton, WA to Lewiston, ID -- 74 miles

No pictures today...I was negligent in my duties to chronicle this adventure in pictures...actually, I can't find the download cord for the camera, so I can't get the photos off the camera to share with you. As soon as I find the cord I will download the couple of photos I took today and update this entry.

I have since found the cord, which was hidden in my luggage, but I now realize, I really didn't take all that many photos for this section of the ride. This picture below was a display outside the antique shop just a couple of doors down from the Weinhart Hotel, and I just thought is was cute.
Today the riders did a fair amount of climbing 3090 feet; and then decended about 500 feet more than climbed... the weather was beautiful, no rain, not too hot, but not too cold either.
The scenery is just beautiful.
The road that goes up must come down!
Tomorrow starts the 3 days of split group due to lodging issues. One half of the group is going to Winchester, ID while one half takes a rest day in Lewiston, ID.  I do know that I am staying in Lewiston, ID.
Then the next day, the group that had a rest day will travel to Winchester, ID while the 2nd group is travelling to Powell, ID.
Then the group in Winchester, ID will travel to Powell, ID and the other group will travel to Lowell, ID. The group in Lowell, ID will have a rest day, the other group will travel to Lowell, ID and once again the group will be back together again. Phew!
I think this is how it is going to work, but then again I confuse easy, so I could be all goofed up...only time will tell.

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