Saturday, June 4, 2011

Astoria, OR to Seaside, OR Loop Ride - 34 miles

Today is a loop ride from Astoria, OR to Seaside, OR and back to Astoria, OR. It is a great way to get into the swing of things and also make sure that the bicycles are working properly and if not, then having the opportunity to get the tuned up before we head out from civilization. My roommate Marnie and I have ridden this section of road before. Both of us were on the Pacific Coast Ride last July (2010).

 Marnie poses for the camera as we take a short break on the way to Seaside, OR.

 Marnie fixes her second flat in as many days! :-(

 Arrival in Seaside, OR

 I pose for a picture at the End of the Lewis & Clark Trail in Seaside, OR.

 While waiting for the rest of the group to gather, I met a beautiful Newfoundland named Nora who was enjoying a day at the beach in Seaside, OR.

 The things people will do to make a buck. This kid is all dressed in silver and covered in silver makeup--he calls himself the Northwest Tin Man--and he performs 'popping and locking' for tips.

 The X-C Group gathers for a photo at the Pacific Ocean, at the end of the Lewis & Clark Trail.

 Bike shops are like drugs to many cyclists...can't pass one without stopping in and most likely buying something.

 Marnie and I make a triumphant return to Astoria, OR. and take a celebratory photo!

Triumphant return became klutzy as I managed to 'stub' my toe in the motel parking lot...hurt like heck when I did it and I knew that I had most likely broken it. I am still able to walk but it hurts and as my roommate the nurse said, "Just let it hurt for a little bit...there isn't really anything that can be done for it."

The evening "Map Meeting/Happy Hour" was hosted by the Millers and they were wonderful hosts. They augmented the ususal variety of munchies with some delectable smoked salmon. [I was told it was delicious, but I don't east salmon--I didn't want anyone to think that my boo-boo to my toe had any life altering effects to my eating habits! :-) Bill K. told a couple of "True Stories?" that were quite entertaining.

After the meeting was over people sort of went their own way for dinner and I ended up at the Wet Dog Brewery, located at 144 11th St, Astoria, OR. It is just down the street from Bike and Beyond, (another bike shop visited and money spent). I was joined for dinner by Marnie R., Bill K., Jessie A., and Rich/Rick. The beer was cold and the conversation was entertaining.

Tomorrow we head east and begin our journey to Jacksonville, Florida!

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