Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hood River, OR to Biggs, OR - 47 miles

Today started off with a trip back to Portland International Airport to drop off Jim K., who is returning home to have his doctor figure out a plan of action to get Jim back in the saddle in the least amount of time.
While in Portland, a COSTCO run was in order and the shopping was done in almost record time!

Then it was back in the support vehicle to catch up with the riders as the headed toward Biggs, OR. Although Biggs is nothing more than a truck stop the scenery along the way is breathtaking.

I had to take a quick break and while there I received several phone calls, all wondering how the ride was going, and to see if I had regained my sanity...while chatting on the phone I made a new friend....

Not the least bit shy, he walked right up to me and started to beg...I suspect too many tourists are feeding hime leftovers from their picnic baskets.

While still chatting on the phone, I noticed an exhibition of sorts, so I walked over and took a couple of pictures because there is no way that I would remember all that these informational signs had to say:

After that extensive education, I caught up with the riders just about 10 miles from Biggs, OR. I stopped and took a couple of photos as they passed me by.

Everyone has such unique riding jerseys it is quite fun to read them all...however today I saw one that hit very close to home....

Just a little ways up the road from where these pictures were taken a wee little staple got the best of "The Big Guy." 
From there it was easy sailing into The Three Rivers Inn, in Biggs, OR.

Tomorrow it is a very long day to Umatilla, OR....

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