Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lewiston, ID to Winchester, ID -- 40 miles

Before I could begin my day I needed to stop at Fed Ex and fill out some documents...well, as luck would have it, Fed Ex didn't open early and today is a split day, so I really couldn't wait around. I grabbed some forms and hit the road.

It might seem like a short day mileage wise, but the riders found out that getting from Lewiston, ID to Winchester, ID involves mountains and mountains = climbing. Today's ride included a 19 mile uphill that I thought was brutal back in 2008.
All were greeted in Winchester by a very unique town sign:
We stayed @ Winchester Lake Lodge and Minnie Motel next door. I was in the "Bear" Cabin. It was very nice. It was the same cabin I stayed in in 2008!

I don't have a picture of the Minnie Motel, because I couldn't find a sign for it. It is that small. I guess it was okay because no one has said otherwise.

Before I left Winchester, I went down to the Wolf Education and Research Center, which was just about 1 1/2 miles from the lodge.
It is the home of the Sawtooth Pack wolves of the Nez Perce. The Research Center leases the land from the Nez Perce. There are currently 6 wolves in the pack and you can see several of them in the pictures below. The Alpha female (all white) is in serveral of the photos and the Alpha male (he is very shy is in one). The wolves are fed road kill at unusual times of the day so that they are always on the hunt for food.
This sign tells a little bit about the Sawtooth Wolf Pack.
This is the Alpha Female on the left. 
The Alpha Female and another member of the pack.
The Alpha female is quite a social one and most days can be found sunning herself at the fence line checking out the visitors.
The original wolfpack that was housed here has died, but the research continues and the visitor center has many displays regarding the history of the pack.
This complete skeleton is from the Alpha Male of the original pack that was housed at the research center.

The Wolf Research Center is house in a typical Nez Perce constructed building and the doors are handcarved.

Along the route there are numerous informational signs that tell us about the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Nez Perce Trail and the territory we are riding through. Below there are several interesting signs. 

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