Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/8/2014 - Cedar City, UT to Panguitch, UT

57 miles

Looking at the map, I think everyone was concerned about today's route...but everyone did a great job.

The scenery is beautiful.

More scenery

Cedar Breaks National Monument. It was beautiful.

Cedar Breaks National Monumnent Visitors Center

And what do you think this thing in the field really is....

A very intimidating sign

More is just amazing.

This is gorgeous scenery

Thank goodness I am not a winter park ranger!

More beautiful scenery

I sure do love downhills! 

I have no idea what this formation is, however it is quite interesting.

Some Americana at the Lake Panguitch General Store

And it just gets more beautiful

Panguitch, UT, is a Morman Pioneer National Heritage Area

Miriam started having trouble with her front break just as she was coming into town. She had Rich look at it and this is what he found. Her front fork broke. Thank goodness it didn't completely break while she was riding it! That would have been awful.

Happy Hour Hosts Clay D and Jim K enjoy a conversation with Nick, Ian and Cath

We are staying at the Purple Sage Motel. It is quite nice.

Another view of the hotel

As I was walking around town I found these on the sidewalk.

Tomorrow I will be taking Miriam to the bike shop in Cedar City, UT so she can buy a new bike so she can continue the ride. I am also taking Cath's bike to see if the mechanic can fix what he fixed yesterday...a long story but to make it short, Cath is riding my Serotta until she can get hers fixed correctly.

Once these missions are accomplished I will return to Panguitch, pick up the trailer and head to Escalante, UT.

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