Monday, June 23, 2014

6/24/2014 - Pueblo, CO to Rocky Ford, CO

55 m.iles

Today's ride is short, flat and mostly downhill. Even so, the riders were out early, very early. When I finally made it to Rocky Ford, CO almost all the riders were sitting at Sonic, killing time. Not a whole lot to do in town but I guess the riders are happy.

A few random photos that never made it into the blog... 

Nice town sign

The small town of Boone was quite interesting. Seems the grandsons of Daniel Boone settled the town.

A grocery, hardware store and whatnot all in the same location, Boone, CO.

Interesting fence art

Pretty much the scenery of today

We are staying at the High Chaparral Inn, Rocky Ford, CO.

Rock Ford is known for cantalopes and pinto beans.

Tomorrow we are off to Lamar, CO.

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