Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/17/2014 - Priest Gulch, CO to Telluride, CO

39 miles

After a wonderful breakfast at the Circle K Ranch, the riders headed out enroute to Telluride, CO

The scenery along the route is magnificent

An old structure along the way

Town of Rico, CO

Some sort of mining structure


Lizard Head Pass with wind gusts of about 50 mph (at least it was a tailwind)

The view just gets better

And better

A beautiful town in the valley

She met me at the Mountainside Inn while I was checking in

Had a wonderful lunch at the Telluride Bistro....Tequilla Lime Chicken Fetticini .... Marvelous

A view from the gondola going up the mountain

A view from the gondola coming down

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