Sunday, June 15, 2014

6/15/2014 - Blanding, UT to Priest Gulch, CO

Total Route 105 miles

Shuttle Pick Up 69 miles

As a result of lack of accommodations, there was a shuttle today at the 69.1 mile marker. We are staying in Priest Gulch, CO for two nights at the Circle K Ranch.
The shuttle picked up riders and will bring them back tomorrow so there is no loss of EFI.
Mary arrived to help with the shuttle service - YEAH!

Breakfast at the 14 mile mark. It was really good! Nick, Bill, Rich & Jerry enjoy their meals.

The route east to Priest Gulch, CO looking from Utah.

A Gallo Family Father's Day photo on the route to Priest Gulch, CO but still in Utah.

Another state done. Watch out Colorado -- the girls are in town!

Who knew that Dove Creek, CO was the Pinto Bean Capital?

We are following the Trail of the Ancients and have been for a while, but I finally stopped to get a picture of the sign.

Just takes your breath away!

Part of McPhee Dam, Delores, CO

Lizard head Cyclery, Delores, CO fixed Judge Mike's bike

Nick proudly shows off his bike computer to prove he rode the whole way to Priest Gulch, CO...107.3 miles -- his first century -- way to go! 

We are staying at the Circle K Ranch, Priest Gulch, CO

Nice bronze in front of the office of the Circle K Ranch

My home for the next two nights! Pretty cool.

We celebrated my birthday with cake and a very unique presentation. Hewes took over cake cutting duties after I cut the first piece. Notice that the cake is chocolate with chocolate icing...yum...but as usual I only had one piece and won't have cake for another year.

"And There Is More..."

I celebrated my 58th birthday on June 14th, but was a wee bit under the weather, so it was celebrated when we had dinner at the Circle K Ranch.

Jim did a wonderfully funny presentation for my birthday telling a story as he handed me my 'gifts.' First there was a slightly used collapseable cooler for my Diet Coke (duck tape can fix anything), then there was a hardback book "Marley & Me", then since I have not gotten my puppy yet, he gave me a stuffed Dalmatian puppy to keep me company. And there was more. It seems Clay wanted to go dancing so it was decided that I should have the proper attire to go there were horrendously pointed pink stilettos that where most likely originally worn by a very tall/big person, a black with white embroidered dandelions jacket that reminded me of drapery from a funeral home, and some 'bling' - a gaudy multi-strand necklace harkening back to at least the 1940s. But, yet there is more...if it is decided that I am not going ballroom dancing, but rather country western dancing, I was presented with a purple and blue plaid cowboy shirt to ensure that I would fit right in. And to top it all off, I was presented with a pink polka dotted fuzzy robe, with hood, to lounge in after a wonderful night of birthday celebratory dancing. Oh, by the way, did I mention that I had to put on this wonderful ensemble with all associated bling? Yes, I was quite funny and I think the group had a good laugh.

Tomorrow we shuttle the riders back to where they were picked up. I am doing the first run at 6:00 a.m. When I return, both Mary and I will shuttle the rest of the riders back so that they can do EFI and we will once again stay at the Circle K Ranch, Priest Gulch, CO.

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