Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/18/2014 - Telluride, CO to Montrose, CO

67 miles

Today the riders left the quaint town of Telluride, CO and had a nice downhill before climbing up to the unsigned Dallas Divide (Elevation 8,970 feet) and then it was theoretically all downhill from there. While their was a tailwind going up the mountain, once the turn was made onto Route 550, there was a mean cross wind.

'Buddy' has been travelling in the lap of luxury

Beautiful scenery

Reminds me of old time western movie scenery

This little guy was just having a blast looking for treats

Notice the sign

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Montrose, CO

The rocks that make up the cliffs of Black Canyon are some of the oldest in North America, dating to 1.7 billion years. The cliff walls are 40 feet apart at the river and rise 1750 feet to the rim at the Black Canyon Narrows. The river falls 480 feet in this two mile section of the canyon, grinding and scouring the rocks in the relentless effort to cut even deeper. The river and the elements have been at work sculpting this magnificent gorge, season after season, age after age, so that 2 million years later we can wonder at the marvels of nature.

in just 48 miles in Black Canyon the Gunnison River loses more elevation than the 1,500 mile Mississippi River does from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. The power of fast falling enables the river to erode tough rock. The river drops an average of 96 feet per mile in the national park. Fast, debris-laden water carving hard rock made the canyon walls so steep.

we are staying at the Country Lodge, Montrose, CO. Notice the sign welcoming BAC!

Our home for the night.

Tomorrow we are off to Gunnison, CO.

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