Saturday, June 21, 2014

6/21/2014 - Salida, CO to Westcliffe, CO

47 miles

The scenery on the trip has been awesome.

Pretty trees lining the route.

Cotopaxi Bridge across the Arkansas River, Cotopaxi, CO.

Arkansas River, Cotopaxi, CO.

Spent about an hour here relaxing

Amazing scenery

Some interesting sidewalk advertising...

Clay @ the Somewhere Saloon

Custer County Sheriffs patch

Historic Feed Store and Jail in Westcliffe, CO

Clay and Craig at the cafe waiting for their rooms....

Historic Jail, Westcliffe, CO

We are staying at the Golden Corner Suites Motel, Westcliffe, CO

Westcliffe, CO is where, in 1878, rich silver ore was discovered in the hills to the north of Silver Cliff. The population quickly swelled to 6,000 people. Westcliffe was created as a supply town for booming Silver Cliff. Little remains of the "Glory Days," other than the tailing piles and shafts of empty mines on the hills overlooking the twin villages.

The Legend

As legend has it, in about 1670, Spanish Conquistadors with their priests were traveling through the Sangre De Cristobalite Mountains, when they were attacked by a band of Ute and Blackfoot Indians. as the priest lay dying he looked upon the mountains bathed in the red glow of sunset, and his last words were, "I have seen the blood of Christ!" Sangre de Cristo.

Tomorrow we are off to Pueblo, CO.

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