Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6/25/2014 - Rocky Ford, CO to Lamar, CO

65 miles

Today was another flat, straight and pretty much downhill day. Again the riders were out very early...concerns over the possible heat and possible winds as a motivator to get a very early start...

A hint as to what is ahead

Dinosaur print - Picket Wire Canyonlands

Another print....however you never know

Picket Wire Canyonlands -- According to legend, a group,of Spanish soldiers died in the Purgatorie River Valley while looking for lost treasures in the 16th Century. Without having the benefits of clergy to perform last rites, these men would be lost souls, banished to Purgatory. After this, the river became known as "El Rio De las Perdidas en Purgatorio" -- the River of Lost Souls in Purgatory. By the 18th century, adventurous Frenchmen began to hunt and trap in this area and called the river Purgatoire (French for Purgatory). Then, as the area became settled, the French pronunciation was corrupted into Picket Wire.

Attractions in the canyonlands include Jurassic tracks, rock art, the Delores Mission and Cemetary and the Rourke Ranch Historic Disctricy

Lamar, CO was named after Lucius Quintus Cincinatus Lamar during the period that he was Secretary of the Interior in the futile hope that the then town would be named as the land office.

Train Depot

Lamar is antipodal, or globally opposite, Ile Amsterdam, an island in the southern Indian Ocean, making Lamar one of only three locations in the United States that is opposite another landmass on earth.

Ken Curtis, Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke, and western singer with Sons of the Pioneers,  was reared in Las Animas, near Lamar.

We are heading to Tribune, Kansas tomorrow.

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