Wednesday, June 4, 2014

6/4/2014 - Ely, NV to Baker, NV

63 miles

A relatively short day, there were only 2 significant climbs before the riders enjoyed a leisurely downhill into the town of Baker, NV. 

Fun trivia fact...Baker, NV has 68 residents which makes it bigger than the City of London, England. The actual City of London is just 1 mile square and it is home to the financial district, so the only residents are the night watchmen, of which there are only 50.

Along the way I learned about the Ward Mining District and Taylor

At one of the roadside informational stops I saw this steel mailbox which I thought was quite unique

Major's Place in Majors Junction was the only sign of life on today's ride

I also learned about Osceola 

The view and vistas were absolutely beautiful

It was quite a climb for the riders

I found this Ranching Exhibit just outside of Baker, NV on NV Route 488

This old abandoned car was just sitting in a field outside of Baker, NV

I went to Great Basin National Park. It was just beautiful. The view into the basin or valley was tremendous. I took the scenic drive to Mount Wheeler and stopped in the Visitors Center and watched the 24 minute movie. Very interesting and informative.

The Great Basin, This vast region of sagebrush-covered valleys and narrow mountain ranges is named for its lack of drainage. It's streams and rivers mostly find no outlet to the sea, and water collects in shallow salt lakes, marshes, and mud flats to evaporate in dry desert air. It is not just one but many basins, separated by mountain ranges from California's Sierra Nevada to Utah's Wasatch Mountains.

Lehman Caves is a single cavern despite its name. It extends a quarter mile into the limestone and marble that flank the base of the Snake Range. American Indians knew of it long before the rancher and miner Absalom Lehman explored it in 1885.

Mount Wheeler

Baker Archeological Site

Interesting ranch entrance along Route 50


I wonder what the going rent for this place is...

An old log cabin

The menu at Major's Place

Wow, what a view.

Michael was the life of the Happy Hour at the Silver Jack Inn

A very interesting weather vane...

Did anyone else notice the artillery shell in the tree?

The Silver Jack Inn & LectroLux Cafe

Hewes on the phone at the Silver Jack Inn, Baker, NV

Due to plumbing issues 4 riders are staying at another hotel, the Whispering Elms Motel in Baker, NV. The rest of us are staying at the Silver Jack Inn & LectroLux Cafe which is located 5 miles off of US 50 at the base of Mt. Wheeler (13,063') near Great Basin National Park and the home of Lehman Caves.

The hotel has been here since 1949 and the LectroLux Cafe is housed in 1905 mining grocery store. Some of the glass and most of the lumber is original. When the mine closed in 1913 the building was moved to Baker. It overlooks Snake Valley, one of the most remote and pristine places in the country.

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