Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Day 46

June 28, 2016

Day 46 - North Pole, AK

Today was a wonderful day that started out a little wet and dreary and ended up being just a gorgeous sunny day.

Started out at National Park Headquarters in downtown Fairbanks and then went over to the Cultural / Visitor Center. Was very informative.

Then it was off to Fort Wainwright to visit the Commissary and the Post Exchange to stock up on some necessities for the rest of the trip.

I spent the rest of today at the North Pole. I expected much more tourism, but it was really quite sedate.

A typical little log cabin in North Pole, sodded on the roof.

There was a shop up the road a piece called the Knotty Shop.  They use burled wood to make a variety of yard art and gift items.  The burls are caused by the tree growing around a disease on the trunk/branch and surrounding it.  Quite cool stuff in the shop.

Made me homesick for Cascades.....

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