Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Day 37

June 19, 2016

Day 37 - Dawson City, YT to Chicken, AK - 88 Miles

Top of the World Highway! Even though the mileage was minimal, the trip was on the long side, as the road is not paved and full of potholes and goes up and down and all around.

Alaska or Bust!  And it is Alaska!  I traveled West again from Dawson City, Yukon to the Alaskan border via the Top of the World Highway, which travels along the top of the mountains.  Spectacular vistas in every direction.  Pictures just don’t do justice to the beauty of this area, but I are trying anyway.

Passed through Customs again.  No problem!

Well, the Customs agent’s big question to was whether I had seen smoke on our way up the road.  I had.  Seems there was a lightening strike a day or so ago. The spotter planes flew over..they thought the fire was small, and now they are getting reports by some travelers seeing flames.  All I saw was smoke.  And just like that I am back in the USA.

The whole road this morning has been loose gravel and packed gravel with occasional stretches of paved road.  I have had incredible views, so there are lots of pictures to show. The only wildlife today was a bunny, which may or may not have been a snow hare, and I missed getting the picture.

Finally, I arrived in Chicken, Alaska -- population 7.  There are 3 stores connected behind the back counter– same clerk runs back & forth.  Gift shop, liquor store walk up window & saloon, and café, plus 2 RV parks.  I visited all 3 shops, had lunch in the saloon – with food prepared in the café – and still had time to pan for gold.

I took dirt from the middle of a tailing pile (already been mined by the professionals) – and paned in the creek.  Got a few flakes, but at least it was free.

Mosquitos are big up here, and plentiful. Met some bees and spiders, too.  However, the internet that was advertised in their ads is virtually non-existent and there’s no cellular service.

Ferry Ride across the Yukon River
Top of the World Highway

I think this rock formation sort of looks like a lizard...don't you?
It's a heat wave!

I made it to Alaska!
Absolutely gorgeous! The picture really doesn't do it justice.
Ryder made it to Alaska too!

The Big Chicken in Chicken, AK

A mining chicken
and another chicken....
Booming downtown Chicken, AK
Lunch served in a gold pan...
And another chicken....

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