Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Day 29

June 11, 2016

Day 29 - Hinton, AB to Grande Prairie, AB - ___ Miles

It was a day of rain and wind, but I left Hinton, AB and headed northwest despite the weather. The road was narrow, winding, little to no shoulder and there were a lot of rather steep hills. That there were a lot of logging trucks going the other way at a high rate of speed added to the adventure. There was only one real town along the way, Grande Cache, where I had a rather mediocre lunch, but the cafe had WiFi, so it was all good.

I ended the day in Grande Prairie, the fastest growing town in Alberta. In the last three years the population has exploded to almost 70,000 people.

The beautiful scenery, just before the skies opened up and you couldn't see much of anything.

I saw a grizzly bear just lumbering across the road, but it was in the trees before I could snap the picture.

Ryder looking for a treat!
I am staying at the Camp Tamarack RV Park, Grande Prairie, AB.

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