Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Day 31

June 13, 2016

Day 31 - Grande Prairie, AB to Fort Nelson, BC - 370 Miles

Last night, I ended up having to have the mobile RV Repair Guy come to the campsite and fix the water heater....seems the thermostat or some such thing failed...long story short, he fixed the water heater, the actuator on the door and the windshield wiper. He was going to fix the cigarette lighter too, but then he noticed that the fuse box slot for the cigarette lighter had only one blade in it. It is supposed to have wonder there was no power...another issue to be added to the major warrantee complaint letter to Thor. This letter just keeps getting longer and longer. Oh, well, I am still on the road, so all is good!

Today was a long day behind the wheel with mostly scenery to look at. The weather was chilly and the wind was intense, but it was a good day over all.

Stopped at Mile 0 of the Alaskan Highway in Dawson Creek, AB. Wandered through the Alaskan Highway House, which told the story of the building of the highway after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Fascinating story.

Had lunch in Pink Mountain, BC. Wonderful restaurant and delicious food.

Then it was back on the road and I saw a bear -- up close -- totally cool. Beautiful animals.

Curved wooden bridge on the original alignment of the Alaska Highway. Still in use. Drove over it...kind of weird, but it was awesome!
Some of the planks are rotten but it is still standing!

Actual job advertisement for working on the Alaskan Highway!

Mile 0 - Alaska Highway, Dawson Creek, BC
Pastry shop in Dawson Creek, BC

A bear just meandering along the side of the road...the picture just doesn't do him justice...he was big!

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