Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Day 86

Day 86
Aug 7, 2016

Cache Creek, BC to Burnaby Cariboo (Vancouver) BC

Continued south for another couple hundred miles, continuing through the desert area of BC.

The streams and rivers were still green-blue in color, evidence of their glacial source.

The fun spot today was Hell's Gate.  This is a tram over the Frazer canyon.  Back in the gold rush days, a tram was built to carry the prospectors up and down the mountain - and across the rapids in the river.  Dogs were welcome, so Ryder got to take her first tram ride. 

A suspension bridge at the bottom of the canyon.

The SS Skuzzy was a steamship built to carry prospectors and their supplies up and down the river.  Because of the swift water and the rapids in the canyon, the ship was tethered with ropes and bolts to the canyon walls as it went through the rapids.
Had to navigate 7 tunnels to get through the mountains.  Then called it a day at Burnaby Cariboo RV Resort

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