Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Day 85

Day 85
Aug 6, 2016
Prince George, BC to Cache Creek, BC

A couple hundred miles south today, and it's getting dark much earlier now...9:30 pm..bummer.  The route today was called the Gold Rush Trail, originally used as a path for prospectors to head north in search of their fortunes.  Every 50 miles or so a roadhouse was built for overnight stays for the prospectors.  Later, stagecoaches made a regular route along this road, which was a dirt path in those days.

The roadhouses were numbered by the mileage from Hope, BC.  Several are still standing and have been restored.  I stopped at the 108 roadhouse to take some pictures.  Here are some pictures of the old buildings.

Was up and down mountains and plateaus throughout the day.  The landscape is starting to change...more agricultural use of the land, hay and cattle, etc.  Hadn't seen any for months.

Ended the day at the Historic Hat Creek Ranch.  Didn't bother with the tourist stuff there, such as stagecoach rides, panning for gold, and looking at more old buildings. Just enjoyed the scenery and chilled out.

Approaching Cache Creek, ended up in the "Arizona of Canada", an acrid, desert climate.  Very little undergrowth on the mountains, and sandy soil.

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