Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Day 102

Day 102

 Aug 23, 2016

Continued the eastward trek across Colorado and into Kansas.  Lost Toto, but found this saloon.  Do you remember what TV show had this character?

Next stop was Bent's Old Fort, which consisted of a fort.  It was a stop along the fur trader route and the Santa Fe trail to trade with Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Plains Indians and trappers for buffalo robes. For much of its 16-year history, the fort was the only major white American permanent settlement on the Santa Fe Trail between Missouri and the Mexican settlements. It was destroyed under mysterious circumstances in 1849.

Bent's Old Fort.

Was just driving along and found this sign, so I stopped.  A week or so ago in Oregon, I had toured the Manzanar relocation camp where Japanese citizens and non-citizens were held during WWII.  This was another of the camps.

 Another interesting site in Kansas - I drove past the manufacturing/assembly plant for the windmills that dot the landscape.

Windmill parts shrink-wrapped and ready for shipment.

Stopped in Dodge City, KS for a little while before heading to Kinsley, KS to call it a night.

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