Thursday, July 7, 2011

White River, SD to Winner, SD - 55 or 65 miles [Rider Option]

It was off to Winner, SD today and most riders were on the road before 7 am. I don't understand why so early, since it is a relatively short day and relatively flat, but alas, all were gone very early.

 And now that we are moving into the plains, the roads will continue to be long, straight and relatively flat.
 But the scenery continues to impress.
 And impress it does.
 The road -- you can follow it for can see the continuation of it in the distance.
 It goes on, and on and on...
This is a really good shot of how far the road goes and you can see...
 And update on the medical front, the smashed finger is healing nicely. No new klutzy events to report yet.
We arrived in the Town of Winner, South Dakota very early, so the day almost felt like a rest day.
 We went to the Tripp County Historical Museum.
 The museum was a conglomeration of old tractors and farming implements and had several old buildings on the site.
 In front of the old church, you can just see the tail end of a really long [about 4-5 foot] and fat [3-4 inch round] snake we believe to be a Copperhead.
This is the old  church with the snake.
And finally what museum isn't complete without out an old tank in front? Also the building in the distance is an old train depot.

Tomorrow we are off to Pickstown, South Dakota.

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