Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dyersville, IA to DeWitt, IA - 72 miles

Today we are off to DeWitt, IA. The riders are up and out early today because of the heat wave. We have been under a National Weather Service Heat Advisory for the past several days and the news says today is going to be hotter than yesterday.  The heat index yesterday [at the Field of Dreams] was 106 and the weathermen say it could hit 115 today!  The heat index for DeWitt, Iowa today was 123 degrees. It was a tad warm!
Before getting to DeWitt, I have to take Josie O and Pete S to Debuque, IA. Josie O is going to rent a car because of a lingering medical issue that needs some time to correct itself and Pete S to a bike store to replace a wheel that has been damaged beyond repair. Then I will return back to Dyersville, pick up the trailer and head to DeWitt.

DeWitt "Crossroads to Opportunity" is in Clinton County, IA. DeWitt was named after De Witt Clinton (1769–1828), an early American politician who served as U.S. Senator and 7th Governor of New York.
 The temperature at 0600 is 89 degrees and rising fast!
 Can you say 'wooden head'? Scupture found in downtown Debuque, IA
 What a cool looking building...and it is a bar...how convenient...just tell the wife you have to run to The Bank....
Some of the front lawns are so neat...this one is just tooo cute!
DeWitt, IA City Hall

Tomorrow we are off to Wapello, IA.

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