Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DeWitt, IA to Wapello, IA - 79 miles

The National Heat Advisory is still in effect and the riders are concerned so they hit the road very early this morning.

 Pete and Brenda S still haven't resolved their wheel issue for their tandem, so I am going to shuttle them down to Wapello, drop them and the trailer off at the hotel and then I will return to the route to run a shuttle from Muscatine, IA to the hotel. Muscutine is at the 55 mile mark and some riders have already asked for a pick up.

Josie O and Keith E rented a car yesterday and they were kind enough to assist Pete and Brenda S with getting a rental car. They met up with the group at the hotel in Wapello, IA.
Wapello is a city in Louisa County, Iowa. It is the county seat of Louisa County. It is pronounced whop-UH-low, and almost rhymes with Tupelo.Wapello is named for Wapello, a Meskwaki chief.

The community was formed on the banks of the Iowa River in 1836 and was chartered as a City by the State legislature in 1856.
The statue below is located on the Mississippi Waterfront in Muscatine, IA.
 "Mississippi Harvest"
A Mississippi River Paddleboat, aptly called "The Pearl Button"
 The Mississippi River is deep and wide
The bridge from Muscatine, IA to Illinois across the Mississippi River
Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge was on today's route.
Informational Sign about the wildlife refuge
Informational Sign about Mississippi River refuges
 Informational Sign about birds that can be seen in the area
A beautiful butterfly atop a flower
A close up of the flower, but the butterfly flew away

 One of many old barns along the way

OK, what does this tree look like to you?
(Do you see the flying pig?)
We are staying at the Roy-El Motel, Wapello, IA.
 Roy-El Motel
Lawn decorations -- aren't they cute?

Tomorrow we are off to Ft. Madison, Iowa.

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