Sunday, July 24, 2011

Louisiana, MO to St. Peters, MO - 57 miles

The heat wave is still here but we are off to St. Peters, MO before finally arrving in St. Louis, MO on Monday.

It is the final day of the Tour de France and BMC Racing's Cadel Evans won the Yellow Jersey. Thomas Voeckler came in 4th. He fought an honorable battle.
The morning started early. Sunrise over the Mississippi River is very pretty.
Another shot of sunrise a little bit later.
The Daybreak Diner opened up an hour and a half early [5:30 am] for us because our hotel owner had called and told them he had a bunch of hungry cyclists. Small towns, you got to love them!
This was hanging in the diner and I just had to get a picture....hopefully the Route 66 Ride will occur next year!
A mural on the side of a building in downtown Louisiana, MO.
Just documenting that I was here!
And Marnie R was too!
This is a photo of the dog that was my demise.
Marnie R and I were just tooling along the road chatting about some inane subject when Marnie R says there is a dog instead of just pedaling faster, I turned to look and turned right into Marnie's bike and fell down, like a lump of a few spots of road rash and a definite bruise on my hip, but I ok, even if my ego is not. Turns out the dog is a little old beagle mix who is friendly as all get out and he didn't run at me but rather was just slowly walking over.
After I fell down he just wagged his tail and walked back up the lawn.
On the way to St. Peters, MO I stopped in Clarksville, MO.  This was an original [or so I was told] road signage.
The archway to the Mississippi River in Clarksville, MO.

A close up of the arch so that you can read the sign.
A memorial to the volunteers flood fighters of 1973.
A view of the Mississippi River in Clarksville, MO.
A cute house in Clarksville, MO.
Beautiful scenery.
More beautiful scenery on the way to St. Peters, MO.
Bill K and Rich G wave on their way to St. Peters, MO.
Marnie R poses in front of the St. Charles, MO train stop at the beginning of the Katy Trail.
Informational sign -- The Lewis and Clark Expedition Across Missouri.
The Lewis & Clark Monument in St. Charles, MO.
I pose with a bronze of Seaman, Lewis and Clarks faithful companion in St. Charles, MO.
Marnie R posed as well! He's a big fella!
Marnie R riding on the Katy Trail in St. Charles, MO.
Me riding on the Katy Trail in St. Charles, MO. I want to ride the whole trail. It is a packed gravel trail that almost traverses the whole state. I think I have to plan another trip!
Yes, I rode on the Katy Trail....See my bike?

To make the day even better, I finally saw the final episode of Harry wasn't bad, but it was sort of sad since the story is over and then a friend from FLEOA, Marvin K and his wife Joan came to the hotel and after dropping off many packages for the riders Rich G, Bill K, Marvin K and his wife and I all went out for a wonder BBQ dinner. Tomorrow night we are going to a baseball game. It doesn't get much better than this!

We are staying at the Drury Inn.

Tomorrow we are off to St. Louis, MO.

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