Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rapid City, SD to Interior, SD - 77 miles

Today the riders headed to the Badlands of South Dakota. It was pretty much a straight shot on South Dakota Highway 44 for 70+ miles. Most of the riders were gone before 7 am with the last couple of straglers out of the hotel by 7:30 am.
The abrupt chance of the landscape happened just as we entered Badlands National Park.

It is truly an amazing sight!

Then to top it off, as we were travelling down the road, what do we see but a dinosaur lurking in a field off to our left. I was so taken aback I had to stop and get a picture...only in South Dakota.

As always, the road was either up or it was down, even though the picture doesn't do it justice.
The picture lies...this is an uphill!

And so was this!
Then it was over the Cheyenne River after a wonderful downhill.
The river looks a little swollen.

The scenery is starting to change.
Marnie R taking a break as we enter the Badlands.
Badlands National Park
Wow...it is all I can say!
Double Wow!
Hewes A taking off after a break on the road to the Badlands.
The land formations are breathtaking. And this is not even the best part of the Park!
Just outside the gates of Badlands National Park is Cowboy Corner... the only place in town that has soda, beer, ice cream etc...and has the prices to match. But it had this blue horse with a very pretty painting with indians.

And on the other side was a painting of the Native American version of Mount Rushmore.

Along the trail inside Badlands National Park.
These land formations are breathtaking.
This informational sign explains how the slump and bump of the rock formations happens.
The scenery is just tremendous.
I just think the Badlands National Park is awesome.
This informational sign explains that humans have been enjoying the Badlands for a long time.

Mary G takes in the view from one of the lookout points in Badlands National Park.
More formations....looks like sand castles!
The ladder which takes visitors to the top of the rim.
Informational Sign - Badlands National Park.
More formations....
And more formations.

Informational Sign - The Badland Wall which runs for 60 miles and the park road follows some of the upper and lower wall.
How pretty.
Ok, so I had to get a picture of me in the blog somewhere! No place better than Badlands National
Park. One of my favorite stops on the trip next to Ovando, Montana!
How gorgeous!
More natural beauty!
The wonder of God's hand!
Two of the riders who joined the trip late, had to stay at the Badlands Inn, which is just outside the Park Entrance.
Informational Sign - Badlands Information
More Badlands Information

Cedar Pass Lodge right in the heart of Badlands National Park!
Cabin #3 that was my home for the night at Cedar Pass Lodge, Badlands National Park.

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