Monday, July 11, 2011

Vermillion, SD to Sioux City, IA - 40 miles

We have finally reached Iowa. This is our eighth state [Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa] This is where I left the ride in 2008 so I am finally going to start seeing some new things! It is going to be great!
Last night [July 10, 2011] we had a vicious storm -- it started with thunder at around midnight, then the lightning started, and then the wind kicked up and then the rain came...wicked rain -- WOW... but the great thing was that we were not outside in it... I think it was worse than the storm some of the riders got caught in the other day.
Short day today... 40 miles, but the riders were on their way early in the morning because they are really concerned about the heat.
The first people to live in the area of Sioux City, IA were Native Americans. They lived here for thousands of years before any explorers from Spain or France arrived. Early French or Spanish fur traders are believed to be the first Europeans in the area. The first documented explorers to record their travels through this area were Meriweather Lewis & William Clark during the summer of 1804. Sergeant Charles Floyd, a member of the Corps of Discovery died in Sioux City, IA on August 20, 1804, the only fatality during the two and a half-year expedition.

War Eagle and War Eagle Park
In 1891, the Sioux City Elevated Railway was opened and became the third steam powered elevated rapid transit system in the world, and later the first electric-powered elevated railway in the world after it was converted in 1892. However, the system fell into bankruptcy and closed within a decade. The city gained the nickname "Little Chicago" during Prohibition as a result of its reputation for being a purveyor of alcoholic beverages.

We are staying at the Stoney Creek Inn and it is a wonderful hotel. This bronze statue greets you as you walk from the parking lot towards the lobby.
 Inside in the great room there are several big game trophy's hanging on the wall.
 This big fella is also decorating the wall of the great room.
 We, [Marnie R, Rich G, Bill K and I] took a walk down to the river to see how badly the flooding was. The bike path were were supposed to ride is flooded out.
 We walked around the barrier and the following pictures show the devastation.

On our rest day we went to the Sergean Floyd Monument. SGT Floyd is the only member of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery to die during the expedition.

Tomorrow is our long awaited rest day.

On our rest day we [Bill K, Rich G, and I] went supply shopping at Walmart and on the way home we stopped at the Sergeant Floyd Monument.

Later in the day, since it was still raining, we walked over to Historic 4th St and went to the movies. We saw "Horrible Bosses" with Kevin Spacey, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Anniston. It was actually pretty funny. I could relate to the character played by Spacey. I have worked for a boss very similar. The only saving grace is that I was able to take a transfer to get out of their line of fire.
Then it was time for the map meeting / happy hour.  Business discussed it was time to head out for dinner. We went to Famous Dave's was alright...nothing to write home about.

Tomorrow we are off to Storm Lake, Iowa.

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