Thursday, May 26, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Day 12

May 25, 2016

Day 12 - Mahnomen, MN to Hazen, NM - 350 Miles

Today was a day of greater mileage and fewer stops. North Dakota is a whole lot of nothingness, big ranches, and farms.

Made a last quick last stop in Minnesota in Crookston where I saw the world’s largest ox cart.  You got to love all the yard art.....

Then it was off to Cooperstown, ND, to the Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Missile Silo State Historic Site.  Back in the 1960s during the cold war between the US and Soviet Union, we built underground missile silos and Minuteman nuclear missiles which were located in the Dakotas, Missouri, Montana and Wyoming.  Each base was staffed by about 8 persons, including security, maintenance, and a chef.  The above-ground building was smaller than a house, although it had an 8 foot security fence surrounding it and a surveillance system; everything else was underground.  In case we needed to send up our missiles, they’d blow the hatch off the top of the missile silo – it was flush with the ground – and shoot up the missile.  
After we signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the USSR in 1991, the missiles were removed and the silos filled in.  This one has been maintained as a historic site to preserve and interpret the story of the Minuteman Missile system and the people who worked underground around the site.

Next stop was the Muffler Man Indian statue and totem pole in Carrington, ND.

Then it was off to find my RV Park. Along the way the weather got bad...heavy, heavy rains, hail, etc. But alas, I survived and arrived in Hazen, ND.

A cow just hanging out on the hill announcing your arrival in New Salem, ND
Ended the day by pulling into the Lewis and Clark RV Park - Hazen, ND. I had reservations at the park in the Creek Section, slot 39. This was a very interesting stop. There are many roughnecks here living in travel trailers while they are working on a big gas project in town. Some of them believe that they own the RV parks. Several of the men attempted to intimidate me and I had a little go-round with several as they had taken over my reserved and paid for slot because their slot was too muddy from the torrential rains. Even had the audacity to tell me to take the muddy slot. Not happening. The RV manager really has her hands full with this group of ill mannered jerks. She was very nice and moved me to another park about a mile down the road. Thank goodness. Turned out to be a much better place.

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