Sunday, March 2, 2014

Epic Road Trip # 2 - Day 3

3/1/2014 - Orange, TX to Schulenburg, TX

Today found me feeling so much better than yesterday.... Yeah!

Our first stop today was at the (Former) World's Largest Fire Hydrant, 400 Walnut St., Beaumont, TX at the Fire Museum of Texas.

This display was honoring the 343 who lost their lives on 9/11

We then went to the Spindletop - Gladys City Boomtown Museum - 4680 University Dr., Beaumont, TX. It was a very well done representation of the boomtown that rose up in Beaumont in 1901 after the discovery of oil and the Lucas Gusher.

 There were two printing shops on display and when I walked in it brought back memories of
Uncle Val's shop ...

The topic of conversation after leaving Spindletop was the practice of 'singeing hair." Even after extensive research on the internet, I am not sure that I really understand the practice, but we do know that it was performed at the Spindletop Barber Shop because it was on the sign and it cost 30 cents.

I don't even need need words for this photo....

An honest to goodness 'Muffler Man'

We stopped here for lunch and the all you can eat lunch buffet and a soda was less than $10. And the food was delicious! Needed a nap afterwards.

Then we were off to the Big Thicket National Preserve in Kountze, TX. It was the first area to be designated a National Preserve. It was very interesting and the area is beautiful.

Little did we know that Houston, TX was such an arty place. We found the Orange Show Monument, which is an eclectic place with lots of percussion and mosaic tile.

Then we were off to see the 36ft tall Beatles, and famous peoples heads. The heads were mostly past presidents, but there were a few generals and a couple of other famous people.

Can't come to Houston, TX without stopping by to see the 'Beer Can House." They charge admission so I didn't go in, but I suspect what you see on the outside is what you will see on the inside.

We ended our tour of Houston at Kenny & Ziggy's NY Deli and it was delicious...could almost forget you were in Texas, as the prices compared to those at the Carneigie Deli in NYC.

We ended the days travels at the Executive Inn, Schulenburg, TX which is about half way from Houston, TX to San Antonio, TX which is our next stop tomorrow.

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