Friday, March 14, 2014

Epic Road Trip # 2 - Day 16

3/14/2014 - Tucson, AZ

"Botanical Gardens & Tohono Chul Park" & "Mt. Lemon - Downhill"

Marnie is still suffering from a "cold" but I think she is worse today, than yesterday. You know she is hurting since for the 2nd day she opted to stay in bed instead of riding.

Vicki, Jim and I started the day with a ride to the Botanical Gardens. 

The painted horses were interesting. I didn't pay to get in so I could only look through the gates. What I saw was very interesting.

Vicki and Jim taking a break before we head to our next stop on the ride.

I found this t-shirt in the gift shop which I thought was really cool. Of course they don't have my size, so I opted for a hat with the same saying. Not as profound as the t-shirt, but alas, we have to make due with what is available.

Then it was onto Tohono Chul Park. It was very pretty, but again I didn't want to pay to get in, so I settled for looking around the outside of the park.

What I could see was very pretty.

Then it was back the way we came...up the 3.1 mile hill that we zoomed down; but at least the wind wasn't in our faces so it really wasn't all that bad.

Vicki gave Marnie and I a little present that she found in the gift shop.

It is quite cute with all the miniature stuff inside.

Some flowers that I saw along the route back to the hotel.

Then Jim, Vicki and I went back to Mt. Lemon so we could ride the down hill. We got to the Visitors Center (8,000 feet) and wouldn't you know started to SNOW! At first it was just a few flakes and then it really started coming down. And boy was it COLD! But, alas, I was on a mission and was not going to be thwarted! So I hopped on my trusty steed and away I went... It was awesome! 22 miles of downhill. I looked down at my speedometer and it said 38 MPH! It was awesome. As you can see from the picture I wasn't really dressed for the weather, but I survived and I had a great time. If only all rides could be downhill! I thought Jim was right behind me, but when I got yo the bottom and turned around to talk to him, he was nowhere in sight! He got so cold that he had to stop a couple of times in an attempt to warm up. He finally got to the bottom and Vicki arrived with my truck and off we went to Le Buzz (a coffee shop) to get something to eat and drink.

We returned to the hotel for our last 'Happy Hour' said our good byes and now tomorrow we are off to the Tucson Book Festival.

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