Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Epic Road Trip - Days 70-72

Days 70-72 

July 22-24, 2016

Anchorage, AK to Copper Center, AK

We took a drive east of Anchorage to the Matanusca Glacier Friday. I had driven past it a couple weeks ago, but that was before Marnie had arrived in Alaska.  The glacier reaches down to the water's edge on a river and the ice is about 3 miles wide.  Back in the last ice age, it was closer to 60 miles wide.  It's so hard to imagine that.

The black color which appears to be beside the glacier is actually frozen ice covered in silt and gravel-grit which comes down from the top of the mountains.

swift flowing glacier river.
The fog hung above the water in the river and in striations in the mountains.

On Friday, we finally charcoal-grilled the halibut that was caught back in June.  It turned out well.

On Saturday we walked around an arts and crafts fair in downtown Anchorage, had a nice supper at the Spendard Roadhouse and then I took Marnie to the airport to fly home.

On Sunday, I hit the road, heading east from Anchorage to Copper Center, AK for a couple days, staying at a Klutina Fish Camp.  King salmon season ended early this year so I missed getting a chance to try and catch one. Besides, the weather has been downright awful, so it really wasn't a big deal.  And it is supposed to rain for the next couple days.

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