Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 4 - Golconda, IL - Le Claire, IA

Last night I had company when I went to sleep. Molly, a rescued Pit Bull, decided she was going to keep me company...she had one quarter of the bed and the rest was mine. When I got up this morning, she had 3/4's of the bed and I was pretty much left with just a sliver, not to mention that she is a blanket hog!
Today, Marnie and I left Nancy and Al's after a wonderful breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes prepared for us by Al. It was delicious. And all of the dogs thought so too! They waited very patiently for their fair share.
(Laurie, Molly, Ida, Gus and Turner patiently wait for their breakfast)
I was so full after the meal that I wondered if I was going to be able to stay awake at the wheel. But, alas, off we went to begin our adventure.
Our first stop was a typical tourist photo op of Big John (a Gemini Giant) standing tall outside of the the Big John Grocery Store in El Dorado, IL.
Then it was onto George Rogers Clark National Historic Park. Of course it started to rain just before we pulled into the parking lot and by the time we were leaving the Visitor Center to walk over to the monument, it was pouring. Thank goodness I don't melt!
George Rogers Clark is the older brother of William Clark of Lewis & Clark fame.

 These murals which surround the statute of George Rogers Clark tell the story of how Clark was instrumental in defeating the British in the northwest area during the Revolutionary War.

Just after we crossed the Wabash River we found a monument commemorating Abe Lincoln and his family's crossing of the Wabash River when they moved to Illinois. Lincoln was 21 years old.
Most of today's route followed the Lincoln Heritage Trail.
Next we stopped in Effingham, IL to take a look at the World's Largest Cross, the Cross at the Crossroads, which stands 198 feet tall, just a few feet taller than the Large Cross in Groom, TX which I stopped at on the Route 66 ride in September 2012.
Then we decided to drive a little more before stopping for the day and ended up crossing the Mississippi River entering into Iowa before we called it a day at the Super 8 in Le Claire, IA. 
Tomorrow we are off to learn about Herbert Hoover.

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