Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 3 - Dover, TN - Golconda, IL

2013 Epic Vacation - Day 3

At the Sunset Motel I met Will, a retired soldier from Fort Campbell, KY. Turns out his parents own the motel. He noticed the bike on the back of the truck and we started chatting. Well, an hour and a half later, I was finally able to get in the truck and begin my day.
Today, once I finally left the motel, was a relatively short day, although I did spend an inordinate amount of time at Fort Donelson National Battlefield.


Fort Donelson is famous as the place were GEN Ulysses S. Grant uttered the words, "unconditional surrender" to his classmate from the US Military Academy at the Dover Hotel.

After that, I took a leisurely drive through the Land Between the Lakes Recreation Area. I had been to this area before in 2011 during our cross country bicycle ride. This is the area were Sue V. took a fall on the tandem led by her husband Merle and ended up being air-evaced to Paducah, KY with a concussion and a huge 'football-shaped' contusion on her hip. There was a 'Picker Festival' going on and the music was just wonderful. Also when I stopped at the south entrance to find a restroom, there was a very nice lady handing out homemade apple honey cake which was absolutely delicious. After checking out the bison viewing area I then decided it was time to head to Golconda to tag up with Marnie, Nancy and Al.
So, I put the address into the GPS in the car and off I went. I arrived safely in Golconda, but I must say that the GPS sent me over hill and dale, up and down twisty, windy roads. Never did get on an Interstate....but I finally made it to Al & Nancy's and was greeted by all of the dogs:  Keeper, Laurie, Gus, Turner, Molly, Ida, Tubby, Sonny, and Sam...Yes, they are all dogs and they are all cuddle hounds! I am in my heaven! and yes, they are all inside dogs....If you haven't figured it out, Al & Nancy live on a farm. They have chickens, horses, of the cows had a baby today too! Awesome...but I can definitely do without the gnats, chiggers, and ticks!

Marnie took me over to San Damiano Retreat House. Wow, it is right on the banks of the Ohio River, and the guest cabins are nice. There was a wedding there today so I couldn't see inside of the main building, but the grounds are gorgeous. Have to talk to Rich about maybe having the cross country bike group staying there. Then Marnie decides we need to go see the Civil War Cemetery which is on the grounds. So we walked into forest and found the cemetery and we also found ticks and chiggers and gnats! When we got home Marnie had several hitchhikers (ticks) on her shirt, so I had to go take a shower cuz I had the heebee jeebees and creepy crawly feeling...
Then it was time for dinner. Nancy and Al made pork chops, corn casserole, cowboy beans and my favorite---creamed spinach. Boy, it was a great meal; I am soo full, but I am content.
Tomorrow Marnie and I are off to continue the adventure.

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